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VC Smart Reader:

2D code recognition for data matrix codes and barcodes

The VC Smart Reader identifies reliably 2D codes, e.g. data matrix codes and barcodes, and is enormously fast with reading rates of 150 codes/per second. Code detection and reading is not affected by  the code's shape and size, its rotation and illumnination - it doesn't matter if the background is bright or dark. Mirrored and partially covered or destroyed codes are reliably identified, too.

This high-performance software tool is ready to use, since all relevant parameters are pre-configured in the Auto Mode. Of course, the VC Smart Reader can be refined anytime by the user. The Teach-In Mode allows the user to read a code sample - DMC or barcode - which parameters are stored in a list and the Parameter Adjustment Mode allows for manual adjustment of parameters to improve performance.